Gordan Derbogosijan

Property Manager

If you ask Gordan about what profession he is in, he will tell you he is not in property business, but in peoples' business instead, and this is where his strengths, skills, experience and talent come in!

Gordan thrives on helping people achieve their property goals, and is relentless in the pursuit of customer service excellence and outstanding results for all parties involved.

Gordan is jack of all trades and master of many, as his professional development saw him at the top of his chosen fields he would venture into, whether that be as a professional dancer appearing on TV Show 'Dancing With The Stars', or working as an artist as well as supervisor in film-making post production for visual effects on many hollywood blockbuster movies such as 'Harry Potter' series.

But his love for people and all things property saw him find his true calling and passion in Real Estate!

This wealth of world experiences, top negotiation skills, attention to detail and sunny disposition coupled with an enviable track record in both Property Sales Management in Melbourne and London markets, ensures that Gordan always delivers best possible outcome for his clients and exceeds client satisfaction!