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Casey Viney

Property Management Team Leader - Customer Service & Retention

Casey Viney has been a passionate professional in the real estate industry for five years. With a deep love for the culture and attractions in Oakleigh, Casey was drawn to the industry because she enjoys dealing with people and interacting with individuals from all walks of life, as everyone has a story to tell.

Within the real estate industry, Casey can speak with rental providers, renters, and the team daily, and she loves being able to help people and build strong relationships. She believes that real estate is an industry that allows her to demonstrate her ability to support her team and assist them in handling any situation that may arise at any given time of day.

Casey is known for her great attention to detail and her motivation to be successful and lead by example. She is approachable and positive, always prioritizing being a supportive person for her team. Casey's passion for the industry and her commitment to excellence make her an asset to any team.

In addition to her love for the real estate industry and her passion for building strong relationships with people, Casey also enjoys spending time with her family and going on adventures. She has a sweet tooth and loves chocolate, which is one of her guilty pleasures outside of work. Her well-rounded personality and interests make her a great team member who can connect with people both in and out of the office.