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Dimitri Tzivelopoulos

Property Manager

Dimitri joined our Team in 2022, having pursued a diverse range of educational paths, such as building and construction, furniture manufacturing, retail leadership, and beyond. This broad educational background reflects his curiosity and willingness to acquire expertise in various domains, where he is now applying his trade in Real Estate. 

Dimitri's versatility is demonstrated through his multifaceted interests and education. His combination of practical skills, hands-on experience, and commitment to self-improvement makes him a dynamic and valuable member of our team. 

Dimitri has a variety of interests and hobbies that keep him engaged outside of work. He enjoys going on day trips and traveling to explore new places, and he's particularly fond of driving as a means to discover new destinations. Additionally, Dimitri has a passion for cooking and experimenting with different cuisines. He has a knack for building various things and enjoys hands-on projects. Staying active is important to him, and he's committed to maintaining his fitness through regular gym sessions. Dimitri has also developed a practice of self-study to continuously expand his knowledge and skills


  • 2023 - Property Management Rookie of the Year - Finalist