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Rental Provider

Rental Provider

  1. Investor Guide 

Our Investor Guide will provide you with valuable information as you begin your journey as an Investor with our Business:

Ray White Oakleigh Investor Guide

  1. Rental Provider Direct Credit Information

If you elect for your rental payments to be transferred via an electronic funds transfer (EFT), all details below must be completed and submitted to our Office:

Rental Provider Direct Credit Information

  1. Rental Income, Expenses and Claims Guide 

This guide explains how to treat rental income and expenses, whilst also detailing what claims you can make on your investment(s):

Rental Income, Expenses and Claims Guide 

  1. Smart House Smoke Alarm Service Form

Victorian Regulations state that it is the Rental Providers responsibility to maintain Smoke Alarms annually in Residential rental properties. Please see Smoke Alarm servicing form and information:

Smoke Alarm Authority

  1. Smart House Carbon Monoxide 

The Residential Tenancies Act requires that Rental Providers ensure gas heating appliances supplied in their rental properties are properly maintained and safe to use. Energy Safe Victoria recommends that gas heating appliances are serviced every two years and ambient conditions such as adequate ventilation tested to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide leaking. Please see Carbon Monoxide servicing form and information:

Carbon Monoxide Service

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