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5 Unusual Ways To Keep It Green While Redecorating Your Property

By Alex Fedortchouk

When you’re looking at updating your real estate, you might decide to be extra responsible to the environment this time around. Everybody knows about installing solar panels and water tanks, but what are some other ways to reduce your impact on the environment during a redecorating spree?


Repainting your interiors, exteriors or even your roof could be on the agenda, but did you know that the wrong paint can have a serious impact on the environment? While thankfully the days of lead-based paints are almost completely behind us in the modern age, there are still a number of products out there that contain environmentally unfriendly materials. Be sure to inquire about brands that offer options with zero or low levels of volatile organics compounds, or VOCs, which can present a real danger to the environment.


When updating furniture, be sure to choose items made of natural materials, think recycled wood and bamboo, and be sure to check that things don’t have chemical finishes.

When it comes to linen and towels, opt for natural fibres like bamboo and hemp.


There are quite a few ways you can re-use or recycle your furniture. An old coffee table could be hollowed out and repurposed into an outdoor planter with a quick lick of waterproof paint, while an old door can make a very chic headboard for your master bedroom.

Better yet, you can reuse what someone else has thoughtlessly thrown away. Keep an eye out for garage sales and snatch up even ratty-looking furniture. Restoring these old treasures keep them out of the dump, while also giving you a weekend project and, of course, a great piece of unique furniture!


If you really want to make the most of natural temperature control, you might want to get a qualified architect in.

If you’re doing a big redesign, it pays to be aware of the latest methods in keeping your home both practical and fashionable. Concrete and raw stone is massively on-trend at the moment, but they also factor extremely well into passive design. Seek out the sunny spots in your home and consider putting down some heat-absorbing rocky flooring. Natural stone or concrete can absorb much of the heat the sun can throw down, and then release it later in the evening when it’s cooler.


Bringing plants indoors is a fantastic way to liven up your home and literally, keep it green! Before choosing which plants are right for your place, consider how much natural light reaches the room, how much maintenance you’d like to put in, and what size plant you’d like. Once you’ve picked your plants, you can recycle old pots and containers as planters!

Remember, it’s perfectly possible to stay fashionable and still help protect the environment – it just takes a little bit of knowledge, care and creativity!

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