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Decorating Ideas That Will Stand The Test Of Time

By Alex Fedortchouk

Here’s a little home inspiration to help new home buyers.

Let your timber flooring shine through

Choosing to expose hardwood flooring is one of the best decorating decisions a homeowner can make.

70 per cent of households say they would install timber flooring in the home if they had the option.

The beauty with hardwood flooring is the many variations to choose from – all ranging in colour, board width and grade. Best of all, you’ll be amazed at how it complements such a vast array of colours, allowing you to switch out decor pieces without running the risk of clashing. Furthermore, you can still enjoy an element of comfort underfoot by introducing a range of rugs.

Timber flooring is one of the most cost effective options there is. When cared for properly, it can last for 50 years plus, whereas carpets require replacing after ten.

Adopt warm neutral walls

Each year we welcome the new must have colours and patterns to adopt in the home, but once a new year rolls around, what was once trendy now becomes outdated to make way for the next wave of essentials. Despite trend and seasonal changes, there’s one group of colours that stand the test of time – warm, pale neutrals.

While you may think that white is the best neutral to use in the home due to its brightening and clean properties, it can often make living spaces feel sterile and cold. Warm and soft neutrals, however, help a room feel inviting and cosy, while still working incredibly well with other colours.

Pale taupes and warm off-creams make for the perfect base shades to use on walls around the home, leaving homeowners free to dress the rest of the room in other brighter colours. This can be done in the form of decorative cushions, patterned rugs and graphic artwork.

As walls are such a prominent part of the decor scheme, choosing a softer and timeless neutral eliminates the need to spend time and money switching out the wall colour each time you need to decorate. Instead, you can use to invest more of your decorating budget in high quality pieces.

Despite trend and seasonal changes, there’s one group of colours that stand the test of time – warm, pale neutrals.

Create a focal point

A room that takes the eye on a journey around the room before landing on a focal point isn’t just the result of a well-thought out arrangement, it’s also one that is timeless.

Much like symmetry, focal points are important in a room as they add interest and offer a pleasing place for the eye to rest. Often, focal points occur naturally in a room, taking the form of built-in fireplaces or large bay windows. If these decor features aren’t present and not so obvious, homeowners are free to create their own. This can be done by placing a feature piece of artwork on a wall, adding a large mirror, or introducing statement furniture, such as a coloured armchair.

As focal points take the focus away from other, less attractive decor features, you must ensure that yours is engaging enough to fulfill this role. And remember, a focal point means one – more than this creates a confusing decor scheme with no flow.

Employ the ‘less is more’ theory

A home filled with unnecessary knick knacks and clutter is a home that not only feels messy, but one that won’t see you through season after season. Instead, a simple and subtle decor space emits elegance and purpose – qualities that are effortlessly timeless. Be ruthless when having a spring clean and ensure everything you decide to keep has a purpose, and more importantly a home that won’t distract from your decor scheme.

Creating a home that stands the test of time doesn’t need to be difficult – just follow our expert advice and you’ll always be on the right track!

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