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Shape Up For Autumn: The Essentials Of Post-Summer Maintenance

By Alex Fedortchouk

The summer season has come to an end, making way for the cooler climates of autumn. Now is the time to get your home ready for the seasonal changes – just a little work on your property now could save you thousands in the long run.


If the cost of heating your home over autumn and winter makes you feel a little hot under the collar you’re not alone.

If the cost of heating your home over autumn and winter makes you feel a little hot under the collar you’re not alone.

Your heat pump’s probably sitting unused on the wall gathering dust, and may not be in the best condition come autumn and winter when it’s most needed. This can cause it to run less efficiently or even break when you need it the most.

Spending a little time to maintain it yourself, or a little money to have it looked at by a professional could save you hundreds.


Climbing up on your roof is dangerous in summer, so imagine doing so when the rain starts falling this autumn. Before the weather takes a turn take the time to safely inspect your roof and guttering – look for cracked tiles, signs of rust and curling or broken flashing.


Autumn can be a gardener’s nightmare, particularly if you’ve got several deciduous trees around your backyard. Once a year they shed their leaves covering lawns and filling gutters, making keeping your garden looking pristine an uphill task.

A little preventative maintenance could be the key to making sure your garden looks its best over the next few months. Trim back trees that overhang your yard as much as possible, install gutter guards to prevent blockage and consider hiring a gardener once a fortnight during autumn.

That way you’ll have a beautiful green lawn to look out over all through the year.


Drafts and cold chills have a way of getting into your home through any tiny gap you leave. If you’re handy with a sealant gun, inspect all of your windows and plug any holes you find. Doing this may save you hundreds in heating bills ever autumn and winter.

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